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Building a better future and delivering strength and versatility

TRIBOARD was specifically designed with the panel construction market in mind.  TRIBOARD is a wood composite panel consisting of a three layer mdf/strandboard/mdf combination.  Envisage a core of 0.5mm thick strands sandwiched between surface layers of medium density fibre (mdf).  For example a 36mm thick panel comprising 2mm thick mdf surfaces and a 32mm thick strand core.  Or a 12mm thick panel with 1.5mm thick surfaces and a 9mm thick strand core.  The three layer product is made in one integrated process.

A number of benefits arise from the nature of the three layer structure as well as from the strand core:

  • The higher density fibre surfaces and moderate density strand core provides fire properties which have resulted in Triboard being the dominant fire door substrate material in NZ.
  • As regards fire walls, following tests with Triboard at the BRANZ Fire Testing Facility in New Zealand, opinions have been provided by BRANZ for up to 60 minute load bearing walls and 90 minute non-load bearing wall.
  • The fibre surface to strand core relationship provides an “I beam” effect which gives improved strength, resulting in higher strength to weight ratios than for other panels in the market, and also provides improved stiffness properties.  The result is a lighter board delivering excellent engineering properties.
  • The strand core gives TRIBOARD a robustness, ie not susceptible to fracture, which is a significant property when structural integrity is called for in a design.

TRIBOARD is well suited to panel construction for housing and apartment buildings with up to 1½ hour fire rated inter-tenancy walls.  All walls, interior and perimeter, ceilings, flooring and doors, are made from the product.  Panels used for construction are typically 36mm to 45mm thick.  The mill produces boards in thicknesses from 10mm to 55mm or thicker if required.  This proven upmarket construction methodology completely supersedes 2”x 4” stud construction methods.  Triboard, with its outstanding screwholding and stability of the strand core together with the paintable smooth fibre surface is particularly suited to this application.

Significant specialty application include 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour fire doors, demountable partitions and access flooring tiles.

Other miscellaneous uses include large production movie sets, basketball court floors, squash court walls and floors, professional table tennis tables, quality pallet bases and shelving.

The high technology, capital intensive Triboard mill integrates MDF (medium density fibreboard) and OSB (Orientated Strandboard) technology to make Triboard products tailored to customer requirements.  Production began in 1987 using state of the art steam injection pressing technology.  In 1991 the mill was bought by Juken Nissho Ltd a Japanese owned NZ based forestry company and in 1994 a second board machine with an eight opening hot press was installed.  This increased the capacity of the mill to 140,000 m3 per year.  Since 1991 Triboard has been used by the parent company in Japan as componentry for top of the market items destined for home interiors such as bench tops, solid doors, glass infill doors, closets doors, stairs, shelves and flooring.

Triboard Construction System

The TRIBOARD Construction System uses Triboard reconstituted wood panels as walls and ceilings in place of conventional timber framing and plasterboard linings. The main features of Triboard and the Triboard Construction System are as under:

  • A tried and proven product that has been successfully used in New Zealand since 1988.
  • Is the subject of a BRANZ Appraisal, number 481 (2005) for detached residential and commercial buildings of up to 2 storeys high.
  • Walls and ceiling panels are highly impact resistant – high impact resistance to soft body and most hard body impacts in normal domestic situations.
  • Buildings can be constructed more quickly than when using conventional construction.
  • Increased internal space by virtue of the internal walls only being 36mm thick.
  • High quality surface finish on walls and ceilings making them ideally suited for paint finishing.
  • Wall panels have outstanding screw holding ability, allowing freedom to hang pictures and other fitments onto the walls without having to “find” wall studs.
  • High thermal efficiency – 36mm wall panels have an R value of 0.32 m²K/W.
  • TRIBOARD panels emit extremely low levels of formaldehyde, meeting the strict Japanese F4 star Standards for formaldehyde emissions.
  • Triboard panels are manufactured in Kaitaia, NZ using locally grown timber sourced from FSC certified sustainably managed plantation forests.
  • TRIBOARD is manufactured by a company certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and FSC Chain of Custody Standard.
  • The TRIBOARD manufacturing process utilises wood that would not be suitable for use as sawn lumber, thereby making better use of more of the available wood resource.
  • TRIBOARD is a uniquely New Zealand developed and produced product.