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We have been designing plans for small dwellings for a number of years always looking for the right design and size that we feel will fill the gap in the market for those people looking for a smaller footprint home / rental / extra accommodation whilst still achieving quality and comfort. 

We feel we have achieved this with our latest designs. 

We use 36mm Triboard panels for the all walls and ceilings.

Flooring options are based on what will suit your section best - piles or concrete.

Triboard kitsets are manufactured using state of the art CNC technology which cuts the panels to millimetre precision.  This makes for quality, air tight construction. 



The Triboard provides a very robust, high strength, cost effective build while maintaining a high standard of interior finish. 

We have aimed these designs to meet energy efficient criteria, for insulation ratings, speed of build, this is accentuated by our Triboard construction system.

Our build time from start to finish is 12-14 working days, very hard to beat!

We can very easily add to our designs to allow for additional rooms. 

We also built regular sized homes, visit our website